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My name is Cayleigh; I am a passionate leather accessory designer and product developer. Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by how this incredibly versatile material paved its way to all aspects and areas of our lives. Apart from its strength and timelessness, there is literally nothing more beautiful, elegant and adaptable than leather.

About Me

I would say that I was naturally drawn to this field as my interest in design was cultivated during my early school years. My first year at university was textile based but my skills developed when I changed the course of my degree to BA Fashion Accessory Design at Nottingham Trent University in 2017. I delved even more into the Leather design practice and worked diligently to hone my skills. It paid off, as I was fortunate to win a host of motivating awards including the Textiles, Fashion & Clothing Award in 2014. I was awarded this for making my own textile fabric, my strong work ethic, technical skills and design aesthetics. In 2017, I was the winner of the Leathersellers Award, which was a generous and impressive monetary award received to create my final leather accessory collection.

With a higher education in fashion, clothing and design and many years of working experience in product development with leather goods, I have realized that leather accessory design is what will help me reach my full potential.

Late 2019 I started my own leather accessory brand Cayleigh Anne to invest in my own potential and share my luxurious handmade leather items with leather lovers worldwide. What makes Cayleigh Anne leather products unique is the fact that they are 100% handmade items. It is with great care and love that I create my own products; especially that the creation of one single leather item involves several steps which all require technical skills and aesthetic Focus.

It is not about designing and sewing, but it is a lengthy process of drawing, painting, cutting, gluing and hammering. This explains why each piece of a Cayleigh Anne Leather product is unique and of exceptional quality. In my collection you will find original leather products ranging from bags, satchels, wallets and other items. Cayleigh Anne has only one limit which is your imagination!

Since it is all about you at Cayleigh Anne, I am always at the disposal of my customers to produce all kinds of tailor-made leather products to your specific requirements and tastes, such as laptop sleeves, travel bags, wallets and handbags to name a few. You can choose to personalise any of my handmade leather items to match your personality and style.

With the most exceptional quality, durable leather and a one of a kind design, I will endeavour to provide you with a completely unique, stunning and high-quality product, coupled with the best after sale service.

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